Alison Bechdel wins a MacArthur Genius Grant


Lesbian graphic artist Alison Bechdel is officially a winner of a MacArthur Genius Grant this year. The $625,000 grant is given to creative visionaries, scientists, scholars and others to support the amazing work they’re already doing.

Bechdel is well-known for the simple test she derived to judge the representation of women in film, as well as the iconic 1985 comic Dykes To Watch Out For and plenty of other amazing work:

The rule, now known as the Bechdel Test, calls for basic inclusion of women in film. The concept shouldn’t be so revolutionary, but when women had only 30 percent of speaking roles and 15 percent of leads in last year’s top films it is clear we have a lot of work left to do. It’s great to see the MacArthur Foundation honoring someone doing that work.

Bechdel has also earned well-deserved praise for graphic novels including 2006′s Fun Home and and 2012′s Are You My Mother. In August, it was announced that the stage production of Fun Home is officially headed to Broadway after years as a beloved Off-Broadway experience.

HELL. YES. She deserves this a million times over. For info on other LGBT grant winners, click here